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Worldwide Association of technicians in musical instrument construction, tuning, repair, regulation, and rebuilding

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Application for membership, La Asociación Mundial de Luthiers de Instrumentos Musicales


SOCIO DE HONOR. Honorary Members shall be nominated by the Board for their outstanding work within the profession that makes them worthy of belonging to the Association and ratified by the General Assembly. These members do not contribute financially through membership fees.

SOCIO COLABORADOR. Allied Members are companies, individuals or corporations, domestic or foreign, who are requesting to be admitted, having an activity linked to the world of AMLuthiers. Allied Members, in addition to contributing annual dues, also contribute in various ways to the association, and help more effectively attain the aims and activities for which the association was formed. The aim is to maintain an optimal relationship with the sector companies that can be of help to the daily activity of the Associates. The Allied Members have the same rights as others with the exception of article 10 of the Constitucion.

SOCIO PROFESIONAL. Professional Members must be employees or independent technicians whose main activity is tuning, repair, restoration, design, manufacture, moving, and/or sale of musical instruments; who have legal and fiscal independence to carry out these activites on their own and are so recognized. Professional Members receive certification for their level of skills attained in their respective specialities.

SOCIO. Associate is the designation for all who apply for entry and are admitted to the association. They may not use the initials or logo of the AMLuthiers.

a- Submit the following documentation duly completed and signed to the Secretary:

1º.- Membership application using the form on the web.
2º.- CV and work experience in the trade.
3º.- Payment of the registration fee ($200 annually)
4º.- The application will be evaluated by the Board and the pre-acceptance will be confirmed by an email to the person and address specified in the registration request.
b- The registration will be submitted to the General Assembly for approval
c- Pay the regular membership fee.

The following are among the criteria to be considered in an application as Professional Member:
A.- Attainment of a profesional association certification
B.-Attain a degree from an institution of higher education
C.-Possess legal and fiscal ability to develop this activity professionally.
D.-Evaluation and recommendation by Professional Members. New members who wish to obtain the designation of Socio Profesional, who do not have any title specified above will have the opportunity to be accepted after submitting such qualification in a period not exceeding three years with a one-year moratorium. In the case of not ratifying their suitability in any of the professional qualifications required, they will have a one-year moratorium.
They receive certificates recognizing each specialty approved.

Costos en USD.

REGISTRATION Please complete the form and click "send"
You can pay with a card using the secure button. The annual membership fee should be paid in full with the registration. Annual renewal is due the same month as the initial registration. Failure to pay when due results in cancelation of registration and membership rights.

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