Accreditation of Luthiers

Asociación Mundial de Luthiers

Worldwide Association of technicians in musical instrument construction, tuning, repair, regulation, and rebuilding


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Purpose - credibility in professional development and in our professional organizations.

Context - The International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) jointly announced a World Accreditation Day 2015 in June. Each nation has proclaimed a series of seminars and forums to discuss the issues.

Standards for teaching and learning - Teachers in primary and secondary schools must be certified and their schools accredited by the rules set by state governments. Academic or vocational courses must be accredited by independent bodies to ensure that the education provided by institutions of higher education meets acceptable levels of quality in order to be approved for scholarships and grants. Governments require licenses for some professions based on the standards set by the guilds and associations.

Luthiers - However, those who sell, transport, repair, restore, design, manufacture or musical instruments are not licensed, and training is not standardized. Luthier associations establish and change the rules based on internal criteria without external evaluation or recognition. Even the US-based "RPT" Piano Technicians Guild is set as an entry level exam of some of the key competencies in regulation and tuning; PTG has no criteria for recognizing specialties or high levels of achievement. There is no accreditation body that examines formal training of any specialty of luthier, their mentoring practice, local workshops, conferences, or factory training. None describe the qualifications of teachers. There is no criteria for their evaluations and nor peer review to assess whether acceptable standards for manufacturing or restoring musical instruments, or for selling, transporting or maintaining the instruments are met.

Contribute - you are invited to discuss the matter in FaceBook. For example, you can comment on initial training and then on continuing education, or the need to recognize the different specialties in another. We provide this medium to air our concerns and hopes about the possibility of establishing guidelines and accreditation standards in our industry.

APPLY - you are invited to apply for accreditation of your course, degree program, workshop, conference, or mentoring system. Please complete the form and click on the "send" button.




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