Worldwide Foundation for technicians in musical instrument construction, tuning, repair, regulation, rebuilding, sales and moving


Purposes of AMLuthiers

Private 501(c)(3) foundation for piano technicians and luthiers of other musical instruments in Latin America, the Caribbean and around the world. U.S. donations are tax deductible.


AMLuthiers, the Worldwide Foundation for Luthiers of Musical Instruments, is a non-profit organization established with the aim of advancing professional development for technicians in manufacturing, tuning, repair, regulation, remanufacturing, sales and moving of musical instruments. It began in February 2013 in Quito, Ecuador, under the auspices of the FundaciĆ³n ANGEL CELIO AUMALA NAVARRETE ACAN and the collaboration of Aumala Pianos ALAZ.

AMLuthiers is established as a not for profit corporation in Kansas, USA since 26 March 2017. Recognition as an IRS 501.c.3 pending.

Activities of the Association

AMLuthiers exists to promote live long learning, cooperation among peers, improvement of working conditions, non profit collaboration among similar national and international organizations and academic, cultural and social activities which are of interest to the foundation.

Profesional Development

Conferences and Symposia

Conferences since 2014 in North America, South America, Europe, and Africa dedicated to preparing teachers of courses for luthiers of musical instruments. The goal is to increase interest in understanding, acquisition, and maintanance of pianos and all instruments, and to encourage owners of musical instruments to have them repaired and use them.

We will support and evaluate courses of intensive study and practice for professional technicians (luthiers) that are dedicated to the career of musical instrument maintenance to insure that each person will have expertise in manufacture or maintenance or any service for certain categories of instruments, whether piano or string instruments, wind, percussion, or traditional instruments.

We understand the need to develop an infrastructure to support the new luthiers including where to get the tools and parts; management, transportation, and appointments; and encourage membership in professional associations that are dedicated to education for life. Customers also need to better understand their instruments and recognize the value of services that make it possible.

Multilingual Glossary for Luthiers. We are creating a multilingual glossary of technical terms and procedures for luthiers of all instruments and all languages for translating and for facilitating international communications.

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