Worldwide Foundation for technicians in musical instrument construction, transport, sales, tuning, repair, regulation, and rebuilding


DIM Michigan



AMLuthiers, a 501(c)(3) private foundation coordinates training for technicians with a project called "DIM". Contact us to organize training in your area.

We understand the need to develop an infrastructure to support the new luthiers including where to get the tools and parts; management, transportation, and parts; and association with professionals who are dedicated to education for life. Instrument owners and musicians need to better understand their instruments and recognize the value of the services that make them possible.

AMLuthiers organizes donations of musical instruments, accessories, and the parts and tools to repair them when it results in the training of technicians
•Support for technicians of limited resources so they can become self sufficient
•Donations of instruments for bands and orchestras when it includes the training of technicians

Donations of Instruments for Music

DIMCU Donaciones de Instrumentos Musicales para Cuba
DIMCHI Donaciones de Instrumentos Musicales para Chile
DIMBE Donations of Instruments for Music in Belize
DIMTI Dons de Instruments de musique pour Haïti
DIMRICO Donaciones de Instrumentos Musicales para Puerto Rico

Donate to DIM Michigan in support of musical instrument care
Musical Instrument Donations, tools, parts, accessories
Monetary donations
Donations of facilities and equipment for storage and shipping

The need

Institutions and teachers lack resources to acquire musical instruments
Musical instrument dealers need training and business building
Luthiers need training and business building
Stores have slow sales rates
Instrument owners say there are no technicians
Repair technicians say there is not enough work

The Solution

Musical Instrument Donations (donated or DIM paid)

Collection in Michigan
Donors bring items or call for moving crew
Local technicians determine repair needs
DIM acquires repair parts to send with instruments
Local technicians pack and load for shipment
DIM arranges transportation to recipient nation

Collection points in recipient countries - Latin America, Caribbean
Local and foreign donations arrive at warehouse or store (donated or DIM paid)
Local technicians attend training (trainers volunteer or DIM paid)
Local technicians perform repairs and deliveries (DIM paid)

Musical Instrument Dealers
Stores that participate in training improve collaborations with technicians and customers and replace DIM
Stores that learn to collaborate with technicians increase sales of new and reconditioned instruments


Institutions and teachers who provide musical instruction/performance receive items at no cost
DIM pays regular maintenance by local technicians the first year
Recipients must agree to budget and pay semiannual maintenance with their local technician in subsequent years

The Result

Unused musical instruments are returned to service
Institutions and teachers have resources to provide musical experiences
Instrument owners connect with technicians for regular service so that musical experiences are positive
Technicians cooperate and collaborate for improved service
Technicians become self sufficient in their trade and practice
Dealers of Musical Instruments become the DIM for their nation
Each nation becomes self sufficient with regard to musical instrument design, construction, sales, moving, tuning, repair, regulation, and rebuilding

Please contact us to participate as a sponsor, donor, recipient, or technician

Executive Director - Armín Rodríguez
Vice President - Raul Fermín
Treasurer - Richard Mellema
Executive Board Members - Jason Weiringa, Jeffery Hall (Pastor at Georgetown Christian Fellowship), Jim Mohnke (Technician at West Michigan Piano), Chuck Jensen, Kris Postine