Multilingual Glossary of technical terms for piano technicians and luthiers of musical instruments

Multilingual Glossary    
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Cross reference in multiple languages for terms in piano technology.
This project will create an online glossary of thousands of technical terms for the parts and tools and procedures in piano technology. Users will be approved for submitting terms in their language.  Subsequent glossaries will include terms for all musical instrument repair.

Costs and benefits
Costs include the creation of the .php online glossary, as well as hosting and other information technology expenses.  
Beneficiaries include manufacturers of musical instruments, merchants (wholesale and retail), luthiers and technicians in musical instrument repair, and of course, musicians, teachers, institutions, and all those who appreciate music.

The Glossary must be user friendly on all operating systems and devices

 Technical details
• Create a searchable format along with assigning category filters. • The database will begin with English and Spanish, and grow to every possible language of interest 
 • A website that will retain a searchable database of terms for piano technology: parts, tools, procedures.   
 • The user interface will provide multi taxonomy filtering to assist with narrowing results.  
 • Users will be able to contribute vocabulary and access the terms they need to understand others, order, teach, or translate.  
 •If sponsorship is adequate, searches and results will be free for all users, all the time.  Otherwise, it will be an App that users must purchase.
 • Either way, it is a website built atop an open source publishing platform that features a responsive design, allowing users to easily interface via desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone without the hassle of downloading and installing platform specific apps.  Should there be an App, it will reference the website at for format and content, and also other sites where there will be images, videos, or other content.

Programming language

The project needs to be available worldwide, so terms from any language can be added. Terms in English, German, Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin are well established and accepted. Terms in Spanish and thousands of other languages are not standardized.  This glossary will cross-reference, not standardize terms in the languages submitted.

(Mario Igrec) This effort brought to light disagreements and variations in terminology among UK technicians. Considering how long the piano has been made and serviced there, you'd expect tight standardization of terminology, but that is not the case.

Any language standardization results from relying on written documentation, and Germany may be most advanced in that respect (at least for the terminology of tuning and servicing). The US seems to have the most standardized terminology (with some exceptions) as a result of the Piano Technicians Journal being available for years, as well as Reblitz and other written materials that have been circulating.

I am saying this because you will likely have the need to incorporate multiple synonyms per term, and in some cases you may encounter conflicting terminology. For example, "repetition" can mean "wippen," "repetition lever," or even "jack" in the UK. If you widen the scope to include the meaning of repetition as involving escapement, then you will have a need for allowing duplicate terms. That, in turn, means that you can't rely on the terms as IDs. When structuring a database solution for this, I'd allow cross-linking terms based on GUID-style IDs in a many-to-many fashion, with a linking table providing comments for each link in each direction. For example, 'Wippen' translates to 'Hebeglied' in German. The link table would contain a comment for the viewer of the word Wippen (direction 1) explaining the origins of Hebeglied, the meaning of Hebel, etc; and another comment for the viewer of Hebeglied (direction 2) that talks about 'wippen' ironically originating from the German noun 'Wippe' (seesaw) or verb 'wippen' (to balance).