Activities of the AMLuthiers

Asociación Mundial de Luthiers

Worldwide Association of technicians in musical instrument construction, tuning, repair, regulation, and rebuilding


During June through August 2015 we held the first Conference in Latin America and the Caribbean dedicated to preparing teachers of courses for luthiers of musical instruments, which is expected to increase interest in understanding, acquiring and maintaining pianos and all instruments.

In Ecuador during November, 2015 we will conduct the Congreso Nacional para la Restauración de Instrumentos Musicales Patrimoniales (National Congress for the restoration of heritage musical instruments). The purpose is to encourage owners of musical instruments to have them repaired and use them; and to involve the tuners and luthiers.

We know we need to develop an infrastructure to support the new luthiers including where to get the tools and parts; management, transportation, and parts; and a professional association that is dedicated to education for life. Future customers also need to better understand their instruments and recognize the value of the services that make it possible.

The minimum course for a luthier, beginner level with the support of a mentor is 20 hours a week for 10 months. Students receive certificates with description of the material in each module they pass. Upon completing the course they receive a certificate from the institution.

The preferred format is college level, 2, 3 or 4 years. From the beginning we have been aware that the ministry of education of each country must evaluate the curriculum proposed for their respective institutions of higher education. Meanwhile the courses will be supported by the educational institutions that sponsor them.

The musical culture in its essence requires technical support. We have strived for high standards of musicianship in each country, unfortunately as talented as our people are, this has led to a very low number of households with musical instruments, and few teachers, musicians, and even fewer luthiers and / or tuners-technicians. Purchases of musical instruments, recordings and investment in artistic culture remains low.

This is not "just a course" is an opportunity to strengthen the whole infrastructure: music, marketing, repair, manufacture and media, as more and more individuals and private and public institutions are involved.

It's not a matter of one thing, person or institution, but the development of a "whole" to strengthen the culture and promote the talents of many individuals.

The first phase consists of a basic orientation for those who benefit from the project. This includes anyone making a living with a musical instrument, or having responsibility for decisions about buying or repairing them: musicians, leaders of cultural institutions, music teachers, parents, conservatories, universities, churches, workshops, stores, etc. Groups and institutions are offered an orientation of 3 to 6 hours; or a seminar from 12 to 24 hours.


The AML proposes to become the first agency in the world to offer accreditation evaluation to schools, courses, and association training sessions in the technical areas of musical instrument repair, manufacture, etc.

Accreditation is the internationally recognized mechanism to ensure that agencies providing services of compliance assessment are competent. The AML aims to become the first Compliance Assessment Agency (CAA) in the world for the purpose of endorsing and accrediting professional piano technical and luthier courses in each country, and recognizing individuals working in the sale, transportation, repair, tuning, regulation design, remanufacturing, or making musical instruments.

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